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Top Tips for cheese platter succes

Once we already know what types of knives and how to cut a cheese, and at what temperature we should taste them, as we have seen in the previous posts, we will have a better knowledge to succeed with a delicious cheese board.

There are already 3 tricks to keep in mind: knives, cutting and temperature.

As for the board, you can use wood, slate, marble, a tray, etc., whatever suits your decoration and personal tastes.

Another tip: offer a good variety of cheeses, depending on the number of guests, and be careful not to serve them all at once..... A selection must be made in order to offer a variety to suit all tastes.

This is not an easy task, as we know that there are as many cheeses as there are colours in the world... To do so, we must pay attention to the different types of cheese: hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, soft cheese, fresh cheese, etc.

The order of tasting is another factor to take into account. You should start with the lightest and mildest cheeses and work your way up to the strongest and most intense, so that you can appreciate the flavours of each cheese.

A table with a good selection would be between 6 to 8 cheeses, this way we ensure that we can taste at least 4 types.

Of course, the presentation should always be appetising, irresistible to the eye and the palate.

The portions should be more or less the same size while maintaining the shape of the cheese. Cheeses can be served already cut. Don't forget, each cheese with its own knife, or at least have 2 knives, one for soft cheeses and another for hard cheeses.

To enhance the flavour of the cheeses, the cheese boards can be accompanied with different fruits such as grapes, they say that cheese and grapes taste like a kiss😉, apples, figs, pears, red fruits, dried fruits, etc. They can also be served with jams such as raspberry or tomato jam.

As for the bread, it is best to serve it separately in a bread bin so that the crumbs do not touch the cheese.

It is important to choose good bread, crackers are very popular, but if we accompany a good camembert or brie with soft and tender bread, we will enjoy it even more. Like rye bread, it goes very well with strong cheeses.

Last but not least, the choice of a good wine will make your moment of enjoying the cheese board simply the perfect moment.

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