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Established in 1998, since its beginnings it has focused its business activity on the production of a variety of high quality cheeses.


SEGLAR SA, is an agro-food company, located in the city of Tarariras, Department of Colonia, Uruguay, South America.

It develops products for the national and international market. Our manufacturing plant is located in a strategic place, in the middle of the countryside, in the heart of a dairy area characterised by a privileged climate and environmental conditions.


With easy access to the ports of Colonia and Montevideo, it allows dynamism and speed to meet any demand from our customers in the region and  worldwide, complying with the legal requirements in each case and the export procedures.


SEGLAR SA, has known how to maintain from its beginnings, the cheese artisan knowledge and combine it with the modern technological innovations of production. This fusion allows us to offer consumers a great variety of natural cheeses with quality, without losing the essence of craftsmanship in their production, achieving what we consider, under the registered trademark MAIA QUESOS, our motto and know-how, "THE TASTE OF CHEESE".





Edam Ball Cheese - Silver Medal (2009)

Brie Cheese - Bronze Medal (2011); Gold medal (2009)

Camembert Cheese - Bronze Medal (2010, 2011, 2014 and 2015); Silver medal (2011 and 2013); Gold medal (2009 and 2012)

Gruyere Cheese - “Great Industrial Champion” (2010); Silver medal (2011 and 2014); Gold medal (2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014); Bronze Medal (2015)

Low-fat salt-fre cheese - Silver Medal (2014 and 2015); Gold medal (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013);

Low-fat salt-fre cheese  - Bronze Medal (2014); Gold medal (2015)

Provolone Cheese - Silver Medal (2014)

Muzzarella Cheese - Gold Medal (2015)

Dambo Cheese - Silver Medal (2015)




Gruyere Cheese - Gold Medal (2011)



Gruyere Cheese - Silver Medal (2011)

Camembert cheese - Bronze medal (2010)

Low-fat cheese with salt - Silver medal (2010)

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