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The Taste of cheese

To do a good job, you must have the right means and take care of the livelihood of those who work so that they can fulfil their duties satisfactorily.

At Maia Cheese we are concerned with creating a working environment where these factors can be fulfilled. We also promote equality between men and women with the same work opportunities.

With this work philosophy we can see the results obtained since Maia Cheese began its adventure in Tarariras, Uruguay.

Throughout all these years, the factory has been evolving in every sense: expanding its facilities and infrastructure, gaining a greater number of producers and therefore increasing the volume of milk. For all these reasons, it has been necessary to hire more staff, bearing in mind that at the beginning there were only ten people and 2,000 litres of milk.

We can say that the bases have been achieved due to the good knowledge of the cheeses and having a good staff willing to tell the story behind each one of them, obtaining the flavour of the cheese that characterises Maia Cheese.

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