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Tastes of childhood

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

This morning I woke up looking forward to a good breakfast. One of those breakfasts that are very fashionable nowadays, the kind they call brunch.

I was still imagining the feast in my head when a memory of my childhood came back to me, a taste that I can't forget and that I would love to enjoy again.

It reminded me of the breakfasts in a house where we had a fig tree. My parents used to make a fig jam with figs, the likes of which I've never tasted since.

We would all have breakfast together and spread the delicious fig jam on our bread, which we accompanied with cheese. It was, as they say nowadays, the perfect pairing.

As you can see, cheese opens the door to a whole world of experiences depending on the food with which we accompany it, such as jams, for example.

In my case, it was the combination of fig jam and cheese. What is your combination? Do you dare to try new experiences to remember them and perhaps evoke them in time? What flavours with cheese take you back to your childhood? Do you want to share them?

By the way, they say that fig and cheese taste like a kiss.

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