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Each cheese has its own cut

The geniality of our favourite food is that there are a thousand varieties, so depending on the type, they will be preserved in one way or another, as we saw in the previous post, and the same goes for the cuts.

If we fall into the easy way, we could use a simple knife to cut a cheese. However, we must bear in mind that each cheese has its own cut; you cannot cut a camembert in the same way as a parmesan.

Therefore, to cut the Maia Parmesan cheese, we will use an awl type knife, as Parmesan cheese is not cut, but broken into irregular pieces as if they were small rocks in order to maintain its granular texture and its appreciated flavour.

Maia gruyere heart cheese can be cut into cubes for a delicious appetizer. In the case of Gruyere horma or bar cheese, being larger in size, we would use the two-handled knife as it makes it easier to cut into smaller and more precise pieces.

The knife with a perforated blade is used to cut soft cheeses such as camembert or brie. The holes in the knife help to prevent the cheese from sticking to it and to make the cut cleaner.

The round camembert Maia would be cut as if it were a cake from the centre to the edges forming small triangles.

Round cheeses must first be cut into two halves, obtaining wedges which in turn are cut into equal triangles running from the rind to the wedge.

Cheeses can be cut into slices, small triangular pieces, cubes... We will be guided, therefore, by their shape, size and texture. In other words, we will need different knives and utensils for each cheese.

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