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Brie & Camembert

Let's get to know our Camembert and Brie cheeses. Both have a lot in common. They are soft cheeses made with cow's milk and white rind. However, each one has qualities that make them unique, do you know what distinguishes them?

The differences can be found in their production, size and flavour.

One of the main differences is their fat content. The texture of Brie is much creamier, as its milk fat content is 60%, while that of Camembert is 45%

Another difference is the shape and size in which it is found on supermarket shelves. Camembert cheese is usually sold in one-piece cylindrical moulds of 125 or 250 grams.

On the other hand, Brie cheese is marketed in triangular wedges of approximately 130g. And, in cylindrical flat-sided wedges of 1kg.

In terms of tasting, Camembert cheese is mild on the palate, with an intense and fruity aroma. Its flavour tends to become more pronounced as it matures.

It can be served with jams, honey, fruit and nuts.

Brie has a lighter aroma and flavour. It is an excellent accompaniment to fruit, bread and toast. It can be paired with red and dry sparkling wines.

As we already know, it is recommended to temper this type of cheese at least one hour before serving.

Which do you prefer? I would choose both, as both, despite their differences, add exquisite culinary experiences to our palates.

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